Dates and terms of admission:

  1. Submission of documents for the first year of study in Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s Programmes for foreign citizens begins on June 15, 2021.
  2. Documents are to be submitted online ( is the Moscow University system of submitting applications electronically (hereinafter referred to as the System).
  3. Requirements for documents confirming one’s education giving the right to enroll in a particular educational programme at Moscow University will be presented in an electronic directory.
  4. The applicant undertakes to submit the original documents (uploaded to the System in electronic form) to Moscow State University during the first year of study.

Admission examinations:

  1. The dates of admission examinations for applicants for the first year of study in Bachelor’s, Master’s Programmes and Postgraduate Programmes will be set by the Central Admissions Office (no later than June 1st).
  2. All admission examinations will be conducted online by the Central Admissions Office.
  3. For foreign citizens, admission examinations can be carried out in several intakes in accordance with the decision of the Central Admissions Office -  starting from June 16th.

Preparation for enrolment and Enrolment:

  1. After successfully passing the admission examinations and confirming the possibility of being enrolled, an applicant who is a foreign citizen electronically submits an application for his/her consent to enrolment, in which he/she undertakes to submit to MSU during the first academic year the original document certifying his/her education of the appropriate level required for enrolment, as well as the originals of necessary documents confirming the level of previous education, and other required documents;
  2. Payment for the first period of study under the contract may be made to the ruble or foreign currency account of Moscow State University;
  3. International departments of faculties/schools are to issue an invitation for a student visa to a foreign applicant recommended for enrolment;
  4. It will be possible to study online in the autumn semester of 2020-21 academic year.


In case of successful completion of entrance examinations, the applicant enters into an agreement with the School and applies for a student’s visa. During the school year, the visa is extended for the period of tuition. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, a foreign citizen is required to register for migration within 7 days after entering the country. To do this, the next day upon the arrival, the student must contact the foreign department of the School (office # 556).



Tuition fees (please refer to the programme factsheet);

Accommodation (in the students' hostel) — averagely 13000 RUB per month (depends on living conditions) – for more information please visit at

Medical Certificate — 6800 RUB;

Health Insurance or Contract for medical service — averagely 10000 RUB, depending on issuing organization;

Additional expenditures on translation and notarization of the academic documents, food, transportation and leisure.


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